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Geomembrane Welding

Expert Geomembrane Welding Services for Optimal Liner Integrity

Geomembrane welding is a crucial aspect affecting the performance and leakage rates of installed liner systems. As a leading geomembrane company in UAE, we provide specialized welding services for all types of geosynthetic liners using state-of-the-art equipment and skilled technicians.

Need for Proper Welding of Geomembranes

Geomembranes are supplied in rolls or sheets which need to be jointed onsite to form a continuous liner barrier. The integrity of the welded seams determines the containment effectiveness of the installed geomembrane. Poor welding can lead to liner failures, water losses and environmental issues.

High performance welding of adjacent liner panels on field requires systematic processes, expert welders and advanced equipment to achieve leak-rate standards.

Our Geomembrane Welding Capabilities

We are equipped with fully automated welding machinery and skilled technicians to provide the following range of geomembrane welding services:

HDPE Welding - We specialize in hot wedge welding for HDPE liners up to 3mm thickness used in landfills, mining, irrigation canals, fuel tanks, etc.

TPO Welding – We expertly weld difficult to bond Thermoplastic PolyOlefin (TPO) liners using radio frequency (RF) welding technology.

PVC Welding - We have expertise in chemical, adhesive and thermal welding methods for PVC pond liners as required.

EPDM Welding - Our teams use specialized techniques for consistently welding rubber liners used in decorative ponds.

LLDPE Welding - We deploy ultrasonic welding technology for high performance joining of linear low-density polyethylene pond and pit liners.

FPO Welding - We have experience welding flexible polyolefin (FPO) liners used in potable water containment applications.

XLPE Welding - We are equipped to thermally weld polyethylene liners reinforced with geotextiles using automated machines.

Field Seam Testing - We conduct non-destructive tests on all welded seams to identify flaws and ensure leak tightness.

Our Welding Procedures

Our certified welders adhere to stringent welding procedures for high seam strength and integrity:

  • Surface preparation - Removing dirt, moisture and impurities from liner surface
  • Edge trimming - Cutting liner sheets straight for proper alignment
  • Seam Layout - Marking the welding path on the geomembrane
  • Equipment settings - Conditioning welding machines as per material thickness
  • Trial welds - Initial test welds to check parameters and fine-tune settings
  • Welding - Creating continuous, homogeneous seams along marked layout
  • Visual inspection - Preliminary checking for any surface defects or flaws
  • Non-destructive tests - Testing using air pressure or vacuum box method
  • Destructive test welds - Laboratory testing of sample welds to validate strength
  • Defect repair - Repairing identified flaws by re-welding or patch welding

Benefits of Our Welding Services

Our expert geomembrane welding services offer the following benefits:

  • Strong, consistent seam strengths exceeding manufacturer guidelines
  • Thermal and chemical welding methods for all liner types
  • Advanced automatic welding machines minimize human errors
  • Skilled technicians ensure correct procedures are followed
  • Testing ensures leak-tight seams as per project requirements
  • Quality assurance protocols to validate welding parameters
  • Detailed reporting of all welding and testing activities
  • Rectification of identified seam defects and retesting
  • Compliance to international welding standards
  • Post-welding consultation services for clients

By maximizing seam integrity, our specialized welding services minimize leakage rates and extend geomembrane liner life.

Why Choose Our Welding Services?

Our welding capabilities offer key advantages to clients:

  • We have over 10 years experience in geomembrane welding across GCC
  • Our certified technicians are trained at reputed institutes
  • We are accredited applicators for several leading geomembrane brands
  • We invest in the latest automated welding equipment
  • We have detailed welding procedures tailored for each liner type
  • We maintain comprehensive quality control documentation
  • Our welding standard operating procedures (SOPs) exceed global best practices
  • We have in-house labs to validate weld sample strengths
  • Our welding services follow approved risk management protocols
  • We offer welding services standalone or integrated with liner supply and installation

For reliable, high-performance geomembrane welding that meets specifications, rely on our certified technicians equipped with advanced machinery and QA systems.

Small Pond Liner

Durable and Economical Small Pond Liners

Constructing a small decorative pond in a home garden or backyard landscape greatly enhances aesthetics. However, water leakage from poorly lined small ponds can lead to significant water wastage, damage nearby areas, and cause environmental concerns. As an established small pond liner supplier, we provide durable and economical geomembrane liners for guaranteed water containment in small ponds.

Why Install Liners in Small Ponds?

Here are the key reasons to line small ponds under 5000 sq.ft. area with proper geomembranes:

  • Prevent loss of pond water through seepage into the ground
  • Avoid damage to surrounding structures from uncontrolled water escape
  • Reduce water replacement needs and operational costs
  • Prevent ecological impacts due to water loss from the pond area
  • Enhance aesthetics by maintaining clear water levels for longer
  • Provide safe pond water for human contact applications

The right type of liner ensures the structural stability and functional performance of small pond features.

Types of Small Pond Liners We Supply

For small ponds, we recommend and supply the following liner options:

EPDM: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer rubber liners provide maximum flexibility and convenience. Available in prefabricated rolls for quick installation.

LDPE: Low Density Polyethylene liners offer economical waterproofing. Made from recycled plastics, they are eco-friendly.

HDPE: High Density Polyethylene liners provide high strength and chemical resistance for long-term durability.

PVC: Polyvinyl Chloride geomembranes have very good mechanical properties. Suitable for decorative ponds.

Bentonite: These clay liners are economical but need consistent water to maintain plasticity. Useful in arid regions.

Our technical team can suggest the right pond liner based on water chemistry, design life needed, subsoil conditions and budget.

Key Benefits of Our Small Pond Liners

Our small pond liners offer the following advantages:

Prefabricated – Available in pre-cut sizes to minimize wastage and installation costs.

Flexible – Can easily conform to curved pond edges and bottoms.

UV Resistant – Withstand sun and weathering effects for long performance life.

Advanced Welding – Leak-proof welding technology prevents seepage through seams.

Lightweight – Easy to transport, handle and install due to lower weights.

Economical – Reduce overall project costs for small pond containment.

Prompt Supply – We maintain ready inventories to service urgent needs.

DIY Installation – Many small pond liners can be installed by homeowners without needing experts.

Technical Support – Our team assists with liner product selection, calculators and guidance.

Long Warranties – Our liners come with assured warranties against manufacturing defects.

Professional Installation Services

For customers wanting expert installation, our experienced crews provide end-to-end small pond liner deployment:

  • Technical design, liner measurements and prefabrication
  • Site preparation - leveling and smoothing pond bottom
  • Precision placement and fitting of liners to contour
  • Seam welding using automated hot wedge welding machine
  • Testing of welds through non-destructive methods
  • Repairing identified liner defects using suitable techniques
  • Securing and anchoring top liner edges into trenches
  • Final liner inspection and obtaining customer sign-off

Our systematic small pond liner installation methodology ensures guaranteed, long-lasting containment.

Why Rely on Our Solutions?

Here are the key reasons to choose us for your small pond liner needs:

  • We are an established pond liner company with over 10 years of expertise.
  • We supply small pond liners in HDPE, LDPE, PVC, EPDM etc.
  • Our technical team provides guidance from product selection through installation.
  • We utilize advanced machinery to fabricate leak-proof liners.
  • Our pricing is very economical given the small liner quantities.
  • We maintain ready stocks allowing prompt delivery.
  • Our liners are backed by warranty against manufacturing flaws.
  • Our installation services enhance containment reliability.

For guaranteed, hassle-free waterproofing of small ornamental ponds, rely on our liner solutions.

HDPE Pond Liner

Reliable HDPE Pond Liners - Features, Benefits and Installation

Lining ponds properly is crucial for sustainable water containment. HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) liners are the most widely used pond liners worldwide due to their durability, chemical resistance and cost-effectiveness. As a leading supplier, we provide high quality HDPE geomembrane liners for reliable pond containment along with professional liner installation services.

Introduction to HDPE Pond Liners

HDPE liners are impermeable membranes made from polyethylene polymer resin manufactured under controlled conditions. High density polyethylene offers the optimal balance of properties for pond lining:

  • Extremely low water permeability
  • High tensile strength and puncture resistance
  • Excellent chemical and environmental stress crack resistance
  • Resistant to acids, alkalis, oils and common pond chemicals
  • Withstands high temperatures up to 80°C
  • Flexible even in cold temperatures down to -50°C
  • Good frictional resistance for stable installation
  • Allows easy field welding for quick seaming
  • Inert material safe for aquatic plants and animals
  • Cost-effective compared to other liner materials
  • Design life over 50 years with proper installation

HDPE is the preferred liner material for ponds across all types of applications. Our HDPE liners range from 0.75mm to 3mm thickness.

Features and Benefits of HDPE Liners

Our HDPE pond liners offer the following advantages:

Durable – Excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance provide long working life.

UV Stabilized – Carbon black fillers absorb UV rays and prevent liner degradation.

Flexible - Easily conforms to any shaped water body contours.

Advanced Welding – Automated welding machines give consistent, strong leak-proof seams.

Custom Fabrication – Fabricated in factory to match exact site dimensions.

Quick Installation – Large panels reduce field seams allowing faster deployment.

Quality Assurance – Manufactured under advanced ISO/GRI standards.

Technical Support – Expert guidance for design, specifications, testing, installation.

Proven Technology – Most widely used and researched pond liner globally.

Economical – HDPE liners have lower overall lifecycle costs than other options.

Professional Installation Services

In addition to supply, we offer complete liner installation services through our experienced crews:

  • Site topographic survey and technical design
  • Earthwork to shape pond bottom contour
  • Compacting subgrade and levelling uneven surfaces
  • Deployment of underlay geotextile layer on soil base
  • Precision placement and fitting of HDPE panels
  • Seam welding using automatic hot wedge welding machine
  • Testing all field welded seams for leakage through non-destructive methods
  • Repairing identified defects using extrusion welding techniques
  • Securing and anchoring top liner edges into trenches
  • Obtaining client acceptance certificate on installed liner system

Our systematic pond liner installation methodology ensures long-term watertight containment.

Why Choose Us?

When selecting HDPE geomembranes, here are the key advantages of choosing us:

  • We are an ISO certified manufacturer of HDPE liners using advanced extrusion lines
  • Our pond liners are formulated from premium grade virgin polyethylene resin
  • Stringent quality control during production and lab testing as per GRI GM13 standard
  • Our liners meet key technical parameters like tensile strength, tear resistance etc.
  • We maintain large ready inventories of finished HDPE liners for prompt delivery
  • Our pricing for HDPE liners and installation is very competitive
  • Our expert teams are trained and experienced in HDPE pond liner installation
  • We provide technical consultancy from design stage through post-installation
  • Our HDPE liners are backed by manufacturer’s warranty against defects

For guaranteed quality HDPE pond liners backed by professional deployment, rely on our complete geomembrane solutions.

Large Pond Liner

Durable Large Pond Liners - Selection, Design and Installation

Constructing ponds larger than an acre in size for landscape, aquaculture or wastewater applications requires proper planning and robust liner systems. As an established large pond liner company, we provide durable geomembrane containment solutions for ponds, lakes and lagoons of any size.

Need for Proper Liners in Large Ponds

Lining ponds properly is crucial to:

  • Prevent leakage, seepage losses and water wastage
  • Avoid damage to surrounding infrastructure from uncontrolled water escape
  • Maintain water quality by preventing ingress or egress of pollutants
  • Minimize maintenance costs for water make-up due to losses
  • Ensure public and environmental safety from water leakage

Large ponds have high water volumes making liner integrity even more critical. The consequences of liner failure can be disastrous.

Selection Criteria for Large Pond Liners

Key aspects to consider when selecting liners for large ponds include:

Containment Purpose - Potable water, wastewater, irrigation, aquaculture etc. determine liner material compatibility.

Pond Size and Depth - Total surface area and maximum water depth impact liner sizing, seaming needs.

Subgrade Conditions - Soil type, presence of sharp rocks or tree roots affect liner puncture risks.

Climatic Factors - High ambient temperature, wind or UV exposure levels must be accounted for.

Liner Properties - Durability, puncture strength, seam strengths and permanence needed.

Installation Constraints - Available equipment, site access issues affect liner deployment feasibility.

Project Budget – Thicker and higher performance liners have higher costs.

Our technical experts consider these aspects for appropriate large pond liner recommendations.

Our Large Pond Liners

Based on project needs, we offer following liner options suitable for ponds larger than 1 acre in size:

HDPE - High density polyethylene offers optimal combination of strength, chemical resistance, and multi-decade service life. HDPE is the most widely used liner for large ponds globally.

LLDPE - Linear low-density polyethylene formulations provide maximum flexibility to conform to soil contours. Used for ponds with curved edges.

**PVC **- Polyvinyl chloride geomembranes have very high mechanical properties and weathering resistance. A reliable performer.

EPDM - Rubber liners made using ethylene propylene diene monomer offer exceptional flexibility. Used where high aesthetics are needed.

Bentonite - These use natural sodium bentonite clay to form an impermeable liner when hydrated. An economical option.

We recommend appropriate pond liners based on technical parameters and site-specific conditions.

Large Pond Liner - Installation Methodology

Proper liner installation is key to realizing design life. Our installation process includes:

  • Topographic surveying and technical design of the liner system
  • Earthwork to shape pond slopes and bottom as per contours
  • Precise grading and compaction of subgrade to receive liner
  • Liner fabrication in factory into large, seamless panels
  • Liner transportation, handling and deployment on site
  • Field seaming of liner panels into a continuous, leak-proof barrier
  • Destructive and non-destructive testing of all field seams
  • Repairing identified liner defects using suitable methods
  • Anchoring top liner edges securely through backfilling or weighted ballast
  • As-built documentation and obtaining client acceptance certificate

Our systematic large pond liner installation methodology results in long-term watertight containment.

Why Rely on Our Solutions?

Here are key reasons to choose our services for your large pond liner needs:

  • We have over 10 years experience in large pond liner supply and installation
  • Our technical team provides end-to-end containment solutions
  • We supply liners in HDPE, PVC, EPDM etc. based on pond needs
  • We utilize heavy-duty equipment to fabricate and install large liners
  • Our pricing is competitive for linen supply and complete installation
  • We have crews experienced in large pond liner deployment
  • Our liner systems are backed by long warranties
  • We handle liner projects exceeding 5 acres in size
  • Our post-installation support helps maintain liner integrity

For guaranteed, durable containment of large ponds, rely on our technical expertise and quality liner installation services.

Koe Pond Liner

KOE Pond Liners - Features, Benefits and Installation

KOE pond liners from Anhui Kong Orient Enterprises (KOE) are high performance geomembranes used for lining landscape water features, aquaculture ponds, wastewater lagoons etc. As a certified supplier of KOE liners in the Middle East, we provide durable and flexible KOE pond liners along with professional liner installation services.

Introduction to KOE Pond Liners

KOE pond liners are impermeable geomembranes manufactured in China by Anhui Kong Orient Enterprises, a company with over 25 years of experience. KOE offers a wide range of single ply pond liners that include:

  • HDPE (High density polyethylene)
  • LDPE (Low density polyethylene)
  • LLPE (Linear low density polyethylene)
  • PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)
  • PP (Polypropylene)
  • CSPE (Chlorosulfonated polyethylene)
  • EIA (Ethylene interpolymer alloy)

KOE liners utilize the latest polymer manufacturing and fabrication technologies to deliver maximum performance and durability. Their pond liners are available from 0.5mm up to 2.0mm thickness and width up to 6 meters.

Features and Benefits of KOE Pond Liners

KOE pond liners offer the following salient features and advantages:

Flexible – Conform easily to any shaped water body contours.

Durable – High tensile and tear strength. Puncture resistant.

Waterproof – Very low permeability prevents any seepage loss.

UV Resistant – Withstand sun and weathering effects for years.

Chemical Resistant – Unaffected by pond water chemicals. Retain flexibility.

Wide Widths – Reduce field seams needed for faster installation.

Reinforced Edges – Prevent liner tears during placement. Improved puncture resistance along periphery.

Advanced Welding – Factory welds use latest technology for strong, leak-free seams.

Custom Fabrication – Fabrics, dimensions and eyelets can be factory made to order.

Quality Assurance – Manufactured under advanced ISO standards.

Technical Support – KOE team assists with liner specifications, design, QA guidance etc.

Cost Effective - Prefabricated KOE liners are economical compared to poured-in-place concrete or bentonite liners.

Major Applications of KOE Liners

KOE’s pond liner range with different polymer options are suitable for:

  • Landscape ponds
  • Fountains & water features
  • Aquaculture ponds
  • Wastewater lagoons
  • Irrigation reservoirs
  • Stormwater retention ponds
  • Golf course hazards
  • Potable water storage

KOE liners provide safe, durable and leak-proof containment across all types of ponds.

Professional Installation Services

In addition to liner supply, we offer complete liner installation services through our experienced crews:

  • Site survey and planning for liner placement sequence
  • Earthwork to shape pond bottom contour
  • Subgrade preparation - levelling and compacting pond surfaces
  • Liner custom fabrication to match pond dimensions
  • Field deployment of liners and precision fitting
  • Seam welding using automatic hot wedge welder machine
  • Testing liner seams and welds for any leakage
  • Repairing identified defects and retesting for integrity
  • Securing and anchoring top liner edges safely
  • Final inspection and handover to client

Our systematic pond liner installation methodology ensures long-term watertight containment.

Why Choose Us?

When choosing KOE pond liners, here are the key advantages of relying on our solutions:

  • We are an authorized distributor and installer of KOE products in the Middle East region.
  • Our technical team provides complete consultancy from product selection to installation.
  • We maintain a large inventory of KOE liner specifications for prompt supply.
  • We offer liner fabrication and customization services.
  • Our pricing for KOE liners and installation is very competitive.
  • Our crews are trained and experienced in KOE liner deployment.
  • We handle KOE liner projects of any size from 100 sq.ft. to over 5 acres.
  • Our post-installation support helps extend working life of the installed liners.

For guaranteed quality pond liners backed by professional installation, rely on KOE geomembranes from our company. Contact our liner experts to discuss your project requirements today.

Geomembrane, Lake Liner, Pond Liner, HDPE Liner Supply And Installation In Dubai UAE

Complete Geomembrane Solutions Across UAE

UAE has witnessed tremendous growth in infrastructure sectors like oil and gas, construction, power, industrial manufacturing, etc. This has significantly increased the demand for engineered geosynthetic products like geomembranes, HDPE liners for containment, separation and protection applications. As a leading geomembrane company in UAE, we offer comprehensive liner solutions including supply and installation services across all seven emirates.

Our Presence Across UAE

We have been providing quality geomembranes and technical liner services for over 15 years to clients across UAE including:

Dubai - Being our headquarters, we have major inventories and production capacity to service Dubai's lining needs. We cater to a number of projects in Dubai requiring HDPE, pond, landfill, mining, oil storage liners.

Sharjah - We are a preferred geomembrane vendor for liner projects in SAIF zone, Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah Airport as well as line irrigation canals in Sharjah's agricultural areas.

Abu Dhabi - We fulfill significant liner requirements for infrastructure and oil and gas projects across Abu Dhabi emirate including offshore island projects.

Ajman - We have provided pond liners for several villa communities and residential complexes in Ajman. Our technical team handles liner design, supply, welding and installation.

Ras Al Khaimah - We supply tailor-made rubber liners for lining ponds in RAK's agricultural areas. Our liners prevent precious water losses.

Al Fujairah - We have executed geomembrane projects for some large rock quarries in Fujairah, providing essential containment solutions.

Umm Al Quwain - Our HDPE liners are used for lining temporary salt pans in UAQ during salt harvesting season for moisture retention.

Our strategically located manufacturing facilities and skilled installation crew allows us to support clients across the long length of UAE.

Our Capabilities and Solutions

With state-of-the-art fabrication infrastructure and technical expertise, we provide end-to-end geomembrane solutions:

HDPE Liners - We fabricate HDPE sheets upto 6m width and 3mm thickness for applications like landfills, heap leach pads, irrigation canals, water lagoons.

Pond Liners - Our prefabricated PVC, HDPE, LDPE pond liners come with reinforced edges for quick, leak-proof installation.

Mining Liners - We supply specially formulated mining geomembranes to withstand chemical attack and provide superior containment.

Fuel Storage Liners - We offer custom secondary containment liners for UST/AST facilities meeting regulatory requirements.

Lake Liners - Our technical team can design and install seamless HDPE or PVC liners for man-made lakes of any size.

Turnkey Installation - Our certified welding crews provide start-to-finish liner deployment across UAE adhering to specifications.

Technical Support - From design to quality control to installation, our engineers support clients at every stage.

Responsive Service - We have capacity and inventory to service urgent liner requirements promptly across UAE.

Single Point Contact - We manage liner projects across UAE seamlessly from our Dubai HQ with countrywide logistics support.

Why Choose Us?

When selecting a geomembrane or liner partner in UAE, here are the key advantages of working with us:

  • We have over 15 years of experience with large-scale liner projects across UAE.
  • Our high quality liners are manufactured at our ISO certified plant in UAE.
  • We supply all types of liners - HDPE, PVC, PP, rubber for any application.
  • Our technical expertise provides clients the right liner recommendation and methodologies.
  • Our automated fabrication lines produce dimensionally accurate pre-fab liners.
  • Our pricing is very competitive compared to imported liner products.
  • Our pan-UAE presence enables timely logistics and prompt project completion.

For all your geosynthetic liner needs across the UAE, trust our experience, expertise and responsiveness for successful, sustainable and effective containment solutions. Get in touch with our technical sales team to discuss your specific project requirements.

Lake Liner Suppliers In Dubai UAE

Durable Lake Liners in Dubai - Applications, Materials and Installation

Dubai is home to several man-made lakes constructed as part of large residential developments, hotel projects, golf courses, theme parks etc. Lining these lakes properly is crucial to prevent water seepage losses in Dubai's hot climate. As a leading lake liner company, we supply and install durable geomembrane systems to contain water bodies across premium projects in Dubai.

Why Install Lake Liners in Dubai?

Here are some key reasons to line artificial lakes in Dubai's arid environment:

  • Conserve water by preventing seepage, leakage and evaporation losses
  • Avoid damage to surrounding infrastructure from uncontrolled water escape
  • Maintain water quality by avoiding pollution ingress into the lake
  • Prevent ecological impacts due to water loss or leakage to surroundings
  • Reduce maintenance costs for lake water replenishment due to losses
  • Enhance aesthetics - clear water levels showcase a vibrant lake for longer

Lake liners contain the water safely for the intended landscape or recreational purpose.

Types of Lake Liners We Offer

We provide high quality lake liners in Dubai using following materials:

HDPE Liners: High density polyethylene liners provide optimal combination of strength, chemical resistance, and multi-decade durability. HDPE is the most widely used lake liner worldwide.

LLDPE Liners: Linear low-density polyethylene formulations provide maximum flexibility to seamlessly fit unique lake contours.

PVC Liners: Polyvinyl chloride geomembranes have very high mechanical properties and weathering resistance. Used for large lakes.

EPDM Liners: Rubber liners made using ethylene propylene diene monomer offer exceptional flexibility. Used where high aesthetics are required.

Bentonite Liners: These use natural sodium bentonite clay to create a low permeability liner by hydration. An economical option.

Our technical experts can recommend the right liner based on project requirements and water chemistry.

Our Liner Fabrication Capabilities

We utilize fully automated fabrication lines to produce prefabricated liners for lakes as per specifications:

  • Fabrication of large, seamless liners customized to lake dimensions
  • Strong welding to produce leak-proof prefabricated lake liners
  • Reinforced edges for easy installation and preventing liner tears
  • Advanced sealing methods to eliminate risk of leaks
  • Fabricated liners make installation quicker and easier

Our customized prefabricated liners ensure containment integrity for lake lining projects.

Lake Liner Installation Process

Our experienced crews provide complete liner installation for lakes using the best practices:

  • Earthwork to shape lake slopes and bottom to design contours
  • Leveling and compacting the surfaces for liner placement
  • Precision deployment and fitting of the liner panels
  • Expert welding of liner seams using automatic machineries
  • Testing of all joints and seams for leak tightness
  • Repairing identified leaks or punctures by patching
  • Securing liner edges in anchor trench or through copings
  • Final inspection and obtaining client signoff certificates

Our methodical installation techniques ensure long-term performance of the lake's geomembrane liner system.

Why Choose Us as Your Lake Liner Partner?

Here are the key benefits of choosing us for your next lake lining project in Dubai:

  • We are a UAE based company providing end-to-end lake liner solutions.
  • Our technical team handles design, calculations, specifications and methodologies.
  • We supply high quality liners in HDPE, PVC, EPDM etc. based on project needs.
  • Our fabrication technology produces prefabricated, leak-proof liners.
  • Our liners are stringently lab tested to ensure compliance to quality standards.
  • We maintain large liner inventories for prompt delivery.
  • Our pricing is very competitive compared to imported liners.
  • We have expert installers certified for liner deployment.
  • We provide post-installation maintenance support for installed liners.
  • We handle lake lining projects of any size from 5000 sq.ft. to over 50 acres.

For ecologically and aesthetically appealing artificial lakes, trust our expertise for durable and technically sound HDPE, PVC or rubber lake liners in Dubai. Contact our technical sales team to discuss your project requirements.

Geomembrane Welding

Expert Geomembrane Welding Services for Optimal Liner Integrity Geomembrane welding is a crucial aspect affecting the performance and leakag...